Personal Organisation

Time Management Workshop
Duration 1 day
Up to 12 delegates
Stress Management Workshop
Duration 1 day
Up to 10 delegates

A key tool for Personal Organisation is to be an effective Time Manager. JRK consultants have developed a package that will help you.

Key activities involved in the workshop;

  • To set up routines or behaviours that will allow you to use your time effectively
  • Have clear objectives about what you want to achieve.
  • Recording and monitoring how you spend your time
  • Understand your 'Time Personality'

A lot of Stress problems come from dealing with change. This workshop from JRK consultants is designed to help you understand what the causes of stress are - and give you some tools to build strategies that will help you cope and manage the stress.

Key outcomes:

  • A personalised Stress Action Plan
  • Visioning skills to help you focus and relax.
  • Breathing exercises to allow you to cope with the physical manifestations of stress.
Time and Stress Management Workshop
Duration 3 days
Up to 12 delegates

For many people poor Time Management is one of the causes of additional stress. On this programme JRK Consultants combine some of the elements of our successful Time Management workshop and the equally good Stress Management workshop - to give an integrated, in depth approach to help you improve your personal organisation.

Key outcomes:

  • A personalised Stress Action Plan
  • Understanding Assertive behaviours and how to use assertive language
  • Fitting activities to your personal energy cycle.
Businesses Individuals

These workshops can all be run 'in house' if you have sufficient numbers. Call or email for a fixed rate for the workshop.

All three workshops are run as open courses. Email or call for more information or to book a place. We will advise you of dates and locations to suit.

Delegate Rate
Time Management workshop One day workshop - Rate 375 +VAT
Stress Management workshop One day workshop - Rate 375+ VAT
Time + Stress Management workshop Three day workshop - Rate 750 +VAT (= a daily rate of only 250 +VAT