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The Synthesizing Manager Workshop

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review Harvard Professor Howard Gardner, published an article about 'The Synthesizing Leader'. He proposes that it is the 'skill of synthesis' that is crucial to successful leaders. Managers are confronted with more sources of information than most in the organisation. The manager has to synthesize the information to enable them to make the right decisions. As Howard Gardner says -

"Given the ubiquity of information, I was surprised to find little guidance on how to synthesize in the vast literature on thinking and problem solving"

Organisations and the staff within them need to be able to synthesize all the information that is constantly bombarding and overwhelming them.

The Workshop

JRK Consultants have produced a workshop that meets this very need. Our research in the public and private sectors has informed us that existing training programmes are not giving delegates all the tools they need to cope with the challenges demanded.

But, Managers need some other skills as well - they need to know how to integrate. They need to know how to synthesize all the information and tasks in front of them, so that they can achieve their own, and the organisations objectives. What managers and practitioners need are some tools and techniques on how to 'pull it all together' - how to synthesize all the information and activities - and then make the best possible decisions.

The Synthesizing Manager Workshop meets that need. It can run as part of a larger Learning and Development programme or it can run as a stand-alone workshop. It applies to managers of people, resources, process or information.

The core programme is intended as a three day intensive workshop for up to ten delegates. However, the content can be put together in the best way to suit your business needs. Tell us what you want, the resources you have, when you want it - and we will design a programme to meet your needs.

This 3 day workshop is for existing managers, supervisors or staff who have to manipulate and integrate a lot of material.

The Workshop Outline (click to Expand/Collapse)

Workshop Objectives:
(based on Management Standards)
Key Content

Making effective use of resources
Managing information
Developing people
Planning work
Improving team performance
Developing communication

Making sense of, and managing information
Running and participating in successful meetings
How to review meetings
Understanding the different roles of team members
Communication skills
Dialogue and Appreciative Inquiry
How to negotiate and achieve win/win outcomes
Exercises on collating information, communicating and negotiating
Reviews of learning
Action Planning

Who should attend?

Anyone who is managing resources
Anyone who is managing people
Anyone who is managing information

The programme runs with up to 12 delegates and the delegate fee is 800
If you want to find out more about 'The Synthesizing Manager' approach to the challenges of working in the organisations of the 21st Century
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Email JRK@jrkconsultants.co.uk

The Leading through Learning Development Programme

Objective: To develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to be an effective leader, through a process of learning and continuous development.

The Leading through Learning - Development Programme has been developed to help individuals develop the leadership skills that they need now and in the future. Leadership plays a vital role in the management of Human Resources. If you believe that work should offer opportunities for learning and growth and that Leadership is the pivotal element in achieving this environment, then this is the programme for you. The programme is committed to the principles of continuous learning for the individual and the organisation.

The Leading through Learning - Development Programme consists of three blocks of two days, with residential accommodation, and a one day follow up. By making part of the programme residential it is possible to really maximise the time available for working by using the evenings for group sessions and guest speakers. The purpose of the modular approach is to minimise the time delegates are away from work, and from home.

The Leading through Learning - Development Programme has been developed by John Kempton. John has developed a 'network' of experienced trainers and facilitators who will work on the programme with him. The programme has been designed to provide an excellent delegate to tutor ratio of only five to one. This will maximise the learning available in the syndicate groups.

Development Programme (click to Expand/Collapse)

Module 1 Module 2

Programme objectives
Personal objectives
Learning theory
Core skills:
creative thinking,
Results through others:
Learning reviews
Guest Speaker

Review of learning
Stress Management
Selection of staff
Organisation change
Specialist topics
Developing people:
Learning review
Action plans
Guest Speaker

Module 3 Follow up Day

Review of learning
Performance management Objective setting
Managing diversity (& Dignity):
equal opportunities
Managing discipline and grievance
Negotiation and influencing skills
Learning review
Action plans

Review of action plans and learning objectives
Sharing of experiences
New action plans

Ideally we run with 12 to 18 delegates and three tutors.
Prices will depend on location but the delegate fee for the 6 days is 1,600 + Vat
For more details, or to enroll please contact JRK Consultants Ltd at:
Phone: 0044 (0)1372 457134
Email: JRK@jrkconsultants.co.uk