JRK Consultants - Human Resources Development Specialists

Founded in 1992 in London by John Kempton, JRK Consultants Limited is a consultancy specialising in Training and Organisation Development.

JRK Consultants Ltd is a proven deliverer of quality Human Resource Development programmes. We have developed a network of like minded associates and professionals across a variety of industries and disciplines - from academics to practising Project Managers. All these associates can be called upon to meet specific, bespoke needs. All our associates are experienced and capable coaches and mentors. We can provide consultancy and training on everything from Employment Law to salary surveys and Speed reading to Marketing Strategies.

Our philosophy is to run workshops that incorporate all the styles of Learning theory and thereby help individuals (and organisations) on their learning journeys.We respect people and champion diversity. We believe in equality and democracy.

For Training delivery assignments we deliver high quality and effective interventions. We specialise in all stages of the Development cycle - from identification of needs, through design and delivery of training to evaluation. Our training delivery philosophy is to treat all learners with respect and encourage them to achieve their potential.

For Organisation Development assignments we are experienced at working with clients to achieve their desired outcomes. The philosophy here is definitely Client Centred. Working with the client to select the best solution for the situation, recognising that every situation and organisation is different. Underpinning our approach is the research and teaching carried out by John Kempton for the University of Surrey.

We are now expanding our operations and offering our services to individuals as well as corporate clients.

If you are an individual interested in any of our programmes then get in touch and we can tell you where and when the next course is taking place.